The professionals at Malama i ka Ola have dedicated their lives to the art of healing. Each person’s unique approach is a crafted from their advanced training, years of experience and genuine care from their hearts. They are experts and artisans of their trade. We offer you a wide variety of healing services from around the World, where ancient traditions meet the ailments of modern, conventional lifestyles.

From our hearts to yours, it is a pleasure to meet you here on this river of your healing journey to the ocean of bliss.

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Denice Murphy
Maurianne “Mo” Nohejl
Ashley Clary
Kelli Hicks
Margaret Eyles
Maki Morinoue
Heidi Hoover
Rachel Radwick
Keri Receiver
Dr. Hawken Shields
Dr. Judy Johnson

Yoga :

Gary Jaster
Radhe Hendrickson
Nan Dudley
Ashley Flemino-Chaul
Suzy McIntyre