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My Arvigo Journey

After a decade of developing a practice of professional athletes and touring, I conceived and transitioned into motherhood. My whole life changed after birth. I could no longer travel or maintain a private practice. I didn’t have the core strength to apply the corrective massage techniques. I partnered with a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Miami, and for the first time, my practice too residency in an office. She encouraged me to receive an Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT)  session for my post-birth healing. This connected me to my womb and inner woman while aligning my uterus physically and restoring my strength gradually. It transformed my life and was a pivotal influence on my practice.

I wanted to gift this therapy to other women by creating a space for introduction to a deeper place within them and learn valuable tools for their digestive and reproductive healing. When the baby was 5 months old, I attended a week long immersion of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy to become a practitioner. The days were long and packed with ages of wisdom from the Maya traditional healers the came before. The breaks were spent breastfeeding while reading the material. After I emerged, I knew I had found my life’s purpose.

- With love,
Ashley Clary

Women’s Wellness

While working in the office, the Doctor would diagnose and treat pathologies with Traditional Chinese Medicine approaches. Interestingly, both ancient cultures had overlapping approaches for any Season of Womanhood. Women reported and shared their testimonials of ATMAT sessions of fibroids and cysts being reduced, symptoms of endometriosis relived, hormones balancing, painful menstrual cycles becoming enjoyable, subsided bladder/vaginal infections, infertile women conceiving (fertility), chronic miscarriage women having a healthy pregnancy and birth, prolapsed bladder/uterus returning to comfortable position, incontinence resolving, peri-menopausal symptoms relived, menopausal women with less dryness and better intimacy (menopause). The stories the women would share after just a few sessions would bring me, and more than often us, to tears. They felt empowered in their own healing and nurturing of their feminine essence.

ATMAT for Men

The Dr of TCM would refer men for Arvigo. They also had inspiring testimonials of less congestion and pressure on the prostate (prostatitis), increased libido, and improved impotence/ erectile dysfunction. Most often, a man and his partner would come for individual ATMAT sessions with testimonies of more connection and intimacy within their relationship. In my opinion, there is no better gift than love.


What is Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy ® ?

ATMAT supports the body’s natural healing capacity. The inherent ability to be self-regulating, self-healing, and self-regenerating is know as homeostasis, or balance within, first recognized by Hypocrites of ancient Greece. Ancient cultures approached healing holistically by considering the whole person; physical, mental, spiritual, mental wellbeing. It assists the vital flow of fluids and energy to nourish and repair the organs and systems naturally. The ancient Maya healing techniques eliminate the primary cause of reproductive and digestive conditions in men and women and decongest pelvis and abdomen, thereby discouraging the progression of symptoms to chronic disease. This approach addresses the root cause, instead of symptomatic focus found in modern medicine.

In TCM, meridians regulate the flow of the energy that is absorbed from the environment (universal chi) and transformed into biochemical energy in our cells. The Maya believe the vital life force circulates throughout the body using 5 channels of flow; arteries, veins, lymph, nerves and Chi /Chu’lel in Maya. Meridians and channels all run through the abdomen. Therefore, congestion, stagnation, any cut (c-section/ cesarean) or displaced organs directly disturbs the body’s flow of life force. ATMAT’s objective is to achieve homeostasis, the integrated flow of these forces, or balance within

Dr. Rosita Arvigo learned the original Maya techniques over a 12-year apprenticeship with Don Elijio Panti, the great Maya Shaman of Belize. She was exposed to other Central American ancient traditions that represent an unbroken chain of knowledge handed down from generation to generation of shamans, midwives and healers. Unifying this all with over 40 years of training in the natural sciences of massage, naprapathy (study of ligaments, joints and muscles), herbology, and spiritual healing and her clinical experience in various countries, Dr. Arvigo curated the techniques, which now bear her name.

With the rise of medical doctors in the 1900’s, women were receiving medical procedures to birth, and hysterectomies to remove the uterus all together. Conventional diets and sedimentary lifestyles gave rise to many digestive and reproductive diseases that were not found in villages. The introduction of pharmaceuticals, contraceptives and hormone replacements created imbalances in the natural rhythms. Women were ushered into the workforce and disconnected from their cycles, feminine landscape and mothering roles. This wisdom needed to emerge from the jungle and into the Western world to be available for the diseases that are emerging.

Women and men suffer needlessly from a barrage of physical complaints that can easily be corrected by returning the uterus and prostate to their proper function and position. One could conclude, the application of ATMAT addresses numerous female and male reproductive conditions and improves digestive health as well as emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Don Elijio taught that the uterus (womb) is a woman’s center,
and if it is out of balance, she will become physically, emotionally and spiritually out of balance.

As a massage therapist, I do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition. Each session is documented and confidentially (no personal information) submitted to the Arvigo Institute where they compile the research of hundreds of practitioners to continually educate us on the most effective approaches the the various pathologies that are emerging from our conventional times.

An amazing read : Sastun: One Woman's Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer and Their Efforts to Save the Vani


Digestive Health

Understanding the above information, our office focused on restoring the digestive health of the patients to create internal balance. Many people - women and men- who have received Mayan Abdominal and Pelvic massage have reported improvement with conditions they noted as Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Chronic Constipation, Gastro-Esophageal Reflux (GERD), Chronic indigestion or heartburn, Gastritis, Crohn’s Disease, Lower backaches or pelvic pain, Headaches or migraines, Frequent, difficult, and/or incomplete urination or incontinence. Treating a condition or disease is not the protocol. Rather, we restore the circulation to the area to cultivate your body’s innate healing abilities.  


  • The first appointment is 2 hours in duration.

  • Comprehensive review of your past and present health concerns, focusing on reproductive and digestive health.

  • Stress, anxiety and emotional armoring from trauma (violent spanking and potty training, sexual abuse, rape, and incest) are also discussed in the session. Emotional releases are encouraged, and a sacred, nurturing space is cultivated.

  • Mayan Abdominal and Pelvic Massage externally over the diaphragm, abdomen and pelvic bowl to help improve circulation, hormonal balance and alignment of abdominal and pelvic organs.

  • Massage to back/gluteals, sacral corrections, ligament softening and myofascial release to further stimulate circulation, nerve communication and alignment of organs connecting to the ligament of the internal organs.

  • Instruction in Self Care Massage, suggested for you to continue daily at home to enhance your professional session and empower your own innate healing.

  • Herbal Vaginal/ Perineum Steam for 20 minutes with a guided meditation.

  • Reconnection to and cultivation of your root and sacral energy.

  • Evaluation of body posture, and stretches or exercises suggested.

Recommendations of complimentary modalities to support your health and wellness may include:

  • The wearing of a Faja – a traditional lower abdomen supportive wrap.

  • Herbal Steams; Vaginal/Perineal Steam; Bajos – a traditional herbal pelvic steam bath of the Maya.

  • The application of Castor Oil Packs and lifestyle education.

  • Yoni Eggs

  • Plant Medicines of Herbal Tonics or Ointments formulated by Dr. Arvigo, harvested in the jungle of Belize and tinctures made on the slopes of Pele in Big Island Hawaii.

  • Essential oils

Typically, 2 or 3 professional sessions are required to address most conditions. Some conditions will require further attention over a longer period of time.

Follow-Up Sessions are 1 hour in duration and include Mayan Abdominal and Pelvic Massage, back/gluteals/sacral massage and review of Self Care Massage. Herbal steams can be added on the Follow-up Session. 

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® is not intended as primary healthcare, but to compliment the relationship you have with your General Practitioner.

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