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Stepping into Your Greater Vision

Maki began her Reiki certification process in 1998, and achieved her Reiki Master level certification in Puna, India in 2000. She is active energy healer, and integrates Polarity Therapy, crystal therapy and Biosonic Sound techniques into healing sessions.

Maki holds the space to support and enhance the body’s own ability to heal.  Her approach is based on the principle that the practitioner is able to channel vital life force energy to the receiver by means of touch, connecting and activating the natural healing processes in a person’s body to restore physical, mental, and emotional well-being while rooting one back to the spirit of one’s self. 

In Maki’s experience, energy healing has brought clarity to questions, and problem solving solutions that assist people to step into one’s vision. It assists in regaining inner peace with a sense of deep purpose.

Maki’s intention is for people to obtain movement toward one’s vision, in joy, love, abundance, and good health - to support energy transformation in a frequency level, intentional direction and connection in the body/mind while assisting in the change one seeks.

Maki is an energy healer on the Big Island of Hawai'i, raised in the heart of Holualoa Village, HI. She is a fourth generation Kona coffee farmer. While she lived on the mainland, she co-founded Esse Aficionado, a modern dance company formed in 1999 in New York City. Although she remains as an advisor, I transitioned to focus on my family-life and energy healing practice. Currently, she manage our family art gallery where we promote local contemporary artists at Studio 7 Fine Arts, and manages her family's art. She also oversees her family’s farm time to time.


 “I have had many healing sessions provided to me by Maki over the course of fifteen years, and after each, I have always felt warm physical sensations throughout my body that have lead to many emotional and physical shifts. Radiating tingles and gentle surges of energy in my cranium, bones shifting and releasing, and a profound sense of serenity and calm are just a few of the positive sensations that I have experienced under her care. Working with Maki has made me feel a connection to the present moment that I often struggle to maintain.

 She is an exceptional individual who empowers people by the simple act of being ever-present and authentic. As a healer, she always provides her clients with valuable information, a safe and loving space for them to feel their most vulnerable, along with a deeply restorative and trusting experience."
- Gina, Queens, NY

 “For over a decade, healing sessions with Maki have been an important part of my life.    I am grateful for these opportunities to focus on my health and well-being with someone I trust, in the supportive environment she creates.  Maki listens openly and attentively, with compassion and respect.  She is intuitive, and skillfully responds to the needs of the moment.  The impact of these sessions is profound yet gentle, resulting in feeling centered and balanced through my entire being – mentally clearer, physically more relaxed, emotionally calmer, and spiritually more open and peaceful.” 
- Cydnee, Seattle, WA

  “As a chronic sufferer from MS, Reiki has been a wonderful way for me to care for myself. Maki's presence is one of compassion and a genuine desire to help. She is a caring and gentle soul, but don't let her sweetness fool you, the woman is on fire. Every session with Maki has me amazed at the amount of heat and energy flowing through her. I've seen wounds heal quickly and aches and pains disappear. I walk away from her work feeling acceptance and gratitude for what I have, as well as a sense of well-being that last for days. I would (and have) recommended her to anyone.
- Jerrie, Brooklyn, NY

“Living in New York, it used to be very difficult for me to find personal time, to take a moment for myself to understand what I was really feeling about things. I believe the first time I was able to do this was when I received my first Reiki session with Maki.  It was so amazing how at ease I felt in her physical and emotional space.   I remember at the time being bombarded with life’s problems, and the release that Reiki gave me was so needed.  I remember the heat of the energy from Maki’s hands and I remember crying a good cry, an outpouring of years of stored pain.  I also remember laughing a lot on the table as well.  That day began a healing process.

  I guess what I’m trying to relay is that the space was provided for me to open to this healing practice of Reiki, and Maki was a huge factor in why this worked so well for me.  She created space for it to happen.  Do your mind and body a favor.  Spend some quality time with Maki.”
- Malcolm, New York, NY