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Judy Johnson

(619) 933-3771

SERVICES : Depth Psychology | Spiritual Psychology, Trauma Resolution through Energy Medicine Psychology | Meditation | Breathwork | Guided Imagery | Inner Child | Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) | Stress Reduction


As a true Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Judy has been able to experience and incorporate her high sensitivity into her work, and likewise into a much more healthy and productive life by embracing this inherent trait. As an HSP herself, she is highly compassionate to others pain and struggles. Therefore, she loves to create a scared space for others to feel extremely safe and held by her loving energy.

Judy practices “depth psychology” and “spiritual psychology” (which tend to have a strong overlap). She is certified as an HSP therapist in both CA and HI. She is also certified in Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), which is based in Energy Medicine Psychology. AIT is a wonderful asset for trauma resolution, for major and minor traumas. As a grief counselor, she specialized for many years at hospice and in private practice. Due to my empathic and sensitive nature, I have always been honored to hold space for those who are grieving deeply.

For the last 6 years and currently, Judy’s private practice gently morphed into a clientele of 99% Highly Sensitive women. She could not be happier as finding her “niche” in the therapy world also coincided with being able to cater to HS women. Her practice gradually filled with extraordinary, beautifully unique highly sensitive women, from 19 to 83 years old. As a clinician it is so rewarding for her to welcome HSP’s high conscientiousness, motivation to heal, follow-through and receptivity to treatments. Most of her HSP clients arrive in moderate to deep depression, highly anxious, with panic attacks, in burnout, with serious self-esteem and self-doubt issues, multiple physical complaints, insomnia, unsatisfying jobs, etc. However, as with many of us, they lack the wherewithal to understand their own unhealthy life pace and patterns.

These gals inspired Judy’s life mission to work with HS women and empower them to heal themselves, while learning to respect and even celebrate this distinctive attribute. When they are taking much more sensitive care of their whole Being, HSP’s potential to thrive and contribute to a hurting world is without limit.

It all started when…

Judy was called to the Big Island after traveling and living around the world. Being an avid ocean swimmer, diver, snorkeler, hiker, this seemed the best place to set up shop and be able to swim without a wetsuit 365!

Judy is originally from a tiny town in southeast Pennsylvania. Then she lived in Switzerland for 10 years where she worked for the United Nations, studied languages and also classical voice. She completed her fluencies in French, Italian, Spanish and ASL for the deaf.

Before my formal education, Judy attended workshops and studied many things outside of classical voice. For example, She became certified and practiced Silva Mind Control back in Switzerland (intense 40-hour workshops to develop intuition). She followed and studied Louise Hay’s approaches and led Hay Healing Circles based on the Science of Mind healing. She used these techniques for successful self-healing for multiple physical injuries and ailments of herself and others.

Judy began her formal education later in life after her travels. She received my B.A. and MSW in 2001 in San Diego, CA, and later her license there as well. After those 8 years at University (including multiple internships), she accrued the other 3400 hours of clinical experience in San Diego, which then allowed her to sit for the CA State Boards as an LCSW. In 2014, she moved to the Big Island and passed the HI State Boards as well.

Before turning towards private practice only, Judy held several positions at Hospice, geriatric and other mental health clinics.

Judy’s speciality is based upon Dr. Elaine Aron’s discoveries, books and science on “Sensory Processing Sensitivity.” Otherwise called the “Highly Sensitive Person,” (HSP). This is not a disorder nor a diagnosis. Nearly 20% of the population are HSPs and were born with this unique brain trait. HSPs are much more sensitive in terms of their 5 senses, and they process information and feelings deeply. They are highly empathic, easily over-stimulated, and often very emotional. Unless much self-care is learned, they are subject to overwhelm, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, prolonged grief and exhaustion. They care deeply and compassionately about people, animals and the world.

Due to Judy’s own sensitivity, she has a small practice at Malama i ka Ola with limit sessions to Monday’s, Tuesdays and Wednesday’s. Much to our pleasure, she has discovered that Online TeleMedicine works just fine, allowing her to maintain patients in CA as well. Health insurances in both states now cover for Online sessions. She specializes in HSP women. Due to limited hours, I only see women at this time.

Judy is a writer and currently, working on a self-help book for HSP,’s and HSP therapy. She is also writing her own Highly Sensitive Memoir about her travels as an HSP.

What to Expect

Unique to approach, patients remain sitting up for treatments and use their own hands on their body. Judy does not touch the patient, but she does guide them through their processes.

Payment Options

Cash, Check, Credit Card
Insurance : HMSA all policies HMO, PPO and Quest, but not Akamai. HMMA and UHA
Blue Cross/Blue Shield for people who maintain their insurance from California. Or, if they maintain their BCBS insurance in another state, but have an address here in HI