Ashley Flemino-Chaul

(808) 747-4720

Ashley teaches fluid, heart-centered yoga that is steeped in alignment and tradition.

Ashley discovered yoga in her early 20’s while living on Oahu’s North Shore. After years of dance and theatre, yoga provided her with a familiar yet more expansive form of expression. As a byproduct yoga brought stability, clarity and a sense of purpose into her life.

In 2012 Ashley made the move to Hawai’i’s Big Island where, unbeknownst to her at the time, she would meet and study with her mentor Norman Allen. Master Ashtangi and pioneer in the field, Norman taught yoga from the depths of the practice. He saw Ashley’s potential. He pushed her to sit with discomfort and encouraged her to look at what was on the other side. To experience her truth. Meeting Norman and the ashtanga community for the first time was like taking a glimpse into so many of Ashley’s unmanifested dreams. The next seven years of study with Norman was an unfolding of those dreams into reality.

In 2014 Ashley decided to obtain her 200hr hatha yoga teaching credential’s through Shambhava Yoga’s Konalani Ashram. Here she enriched her understanding of alignment based yoga.

The pregnancies and births of Ashley’s two daughters revealed to her what Ashtangi’s fondly call the seventh series of ashtanga yoga, or family life. Here the fruits of yoga: strength, focus, balance and grace, are brought into motherhood.

In the last year Ashley’s love for bodywork led her to the study of massage therapy. Under the talented and intuitive guidance of Angela Leslee, Ashley learned the art of therapeutic touch. Ashley offers whole body nourishing sessions, specializing in myofascial release and craniosacral therapies.

More recently Ashley is exploring the role of aging and how yoga asanas, or postures, can be more accessible to those working with injuries and restrictions. She is enjoying the more subtle aspects, slow pace and creativity of this work.

Today you can find Ashley upstairs at the beautiful Malama i ka Ola teaching students in the spirit of her teachers. She encourages students to be sweet to themselves, become absorbed in the present and open themselves to the perfection that they already are.