Malama i ka Ola

Nurturing of SELF
the Wholeness of YOU


All Rivers Run
to the Same Ocean

Nurturing an integrative approach to wellness in which professionals in various disciplines help you achieve your goals, create greater harmony in your life and feel your very best! Malama i ka Ola is a holistic health center that houses different fields of expertise. We appreciate the power of diverse disciplines and collaborate to meet your needs and support your goals.

Each expert practitioner combines their training, experience and result proven techniques to provide the most effective, individualized service. We offer you a wide variety of healing services from around the World, where ancient traditions meet the ailments of modern, conventional lifestyles.

From our hearts to yours, it is a pleasure to meet you here on this river of your healing journey to the ocean of bliss.



The Moment You Felt Whole and at Peace….


A charming Experience…

Holualoa Village is nestled in the flourishing natural beauty along the cool mauna hillside with a thriving local culture. Along the windy road, Malama i ka Ola stands tall as a remnant echo the medical center of Kona. The walls have enveloped health and wellness for over a century and continues to hold the genuine care of the community as it’s highest mission.